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    Dear Mr. Eilers,
    The new service packs for Apis 6.5 PRO-0130 and Carm server 4.65 – 0060 open the possibility to compare the modules from local files with the new releases on Carm server. Please let me know how this highlighted information (on server) can be transferred to local files in a reliable way :
    -ensuring the preservation of local embedded information (risk evaluations, defined actions, control plan etc.)
    -adding/grabing of the all or filtered new information’s without omissions.
    Many thanks for Your help,
    kind regards,
    Rafael Constantinescu

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    Jürgen Eilers

    Dear Mr. Constantinescu,

    Keeping local changes of modules is only possible if variant specific modifications are made, i.e. remove from variant and changes of variant specific information.

    There is some ongoing work on this subject with the intention to improve the situation in V7.0.

    For the moment the following is possible:
    1. Save file under a different name prior to update of module
    2. Update the module in one file
    3. Open two workspaces with the FFA-Editor (my preference “Window – Horizontal split”)
    4. Activate “View – Format – Differences”

    This FFA based comparison is a view based comparison, i.e. only visible information will be compared (which can be an advantage).

    You can Drag&Drop objects or use Special Drag&Drop.

    Repeat step 4 until no relevant information has to be integrated into the destination.

    BTW: Prior to Drag&Drop you should make ensure that only intended objects are selected.


    Dear Mr. Eilers,
    Thank You for Your feedback,I have tested the method described above and I can say that could be updated the modules like this with the but the result it is a module that is not connected with the server, and will not receive the messages for update.
    This type of drag and drop activity we are doing by using two monitors and two windows and opening of the views according the purpose of the update, that’s right with no possibility of highlighting of differences. but this could have the inconvenient of waiting time for analyzing of differences that is significant on big amount of information (50-100 mb files).
    There should be created a parallel infrastructure for managing the detailed information for each update for the local users in order to know exactly what is needed to choose from the update. This could be solved easier by using consolidation of different interfaces.
    That way I will wait V7.0 that I hope that will give us possibility to consolidate the local files with server updates.

    many thanks for Your help,
    Kind regards,
    Rafael Constantinescu

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