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    I have now 6 component level of FMEA.

    however when it comes to cut set analysis, I dont need to see the last level as cutset.

    Thus, I would like the 5th level to be basic event so that the failure mode of 5th level failure modes can be shown.

    is there any way that the 5th level can be shown in cut set analysis view rather than 6th level?



    Jürgen Eilers

    I am not sure if I understand the problem correct.

    Activating a fault tree will initialize its content based on a failure net. You could e.g. create a variant and exclude failures from the variant which should not be taken into account when you create a fault tree. Afterwards you can delete the variant.

    If you are in a fault tree it is not only possible to show minimal cut set but alternatively use „File – Export – Export minimal cut sets (*xlsx, *xls)…“

    The resulting document has a column with the order.


    thank you very much. according to your recommendation, I deactivated the last level and then I converted into FTA and then when I converted to minimum cutset, the last level , which is deactivated, is shown.

    how can i fix the problem?

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