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    I am an FMEA moderator and I have prevoius experiences with older versions APIS, HOWEVER ther are some changes in version 7 did are unclear for me or at least I am searching in a wrong DirAction. Can you please help me out with some questions:

     1. Some colleauges did had read the VDA_AIAG standard are asking for a “ filter code “ column.  Is this allready Implemented in APIS, if yes, how can this be activated 

    2. What’s the meaning of the arrows in the shape VDA_AIAG Sheet (▽, △)? 

    3. What is the meaning of this symbol ( ) and why is this not active? How can be activated if this is the intent? 

    4. Can the colors be changed for SC and Severity cells? If yes how?

    5. What is the rationale of the order of the content from the AIAG / VDA form related to the structure?

    6. Is there a Possibility to edit actions and ranking in the AIAG / VDA form or this is only possible on the structure? IF yes how?



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    Jürgen Eilers

    Hi, I will try to answer your questions:

    ad 1: filter code column in AIAG-VDA form
    The column „Filter code“ is identified as optional and according to my knowledge only a workaround for table-based tools because they do not support more advanced filtering possibilities e.g. based on user defined attributes. Up to now there has been no necessity to integrate this optional column.

    ad 2: arrows
    The headers of columns with arrows in it identify if a sorting is active. With mouse clicks on it you can toggle between the different options.

    ad 3: symbol ( )
    Sorry, but I do not understand the question. Do you identify two brackets as a symbol and is nothing in-between? BTW Different kind of brackets exist, e.g. AP=“(H)“ indicates that related actions are not finished.

    ad 4: color changing
    You have to use the dialog „Parameters for color coding“ (Tools – Workstation settings – Fonts and colors … -> Colors -> „Parameters …“) . With a double-click on one of the colors you can change it. BTW With a display option you can also deactivate colorization.

    ad 5: AIAG-VDA form
    Information from the neighbor objects in the structure tree, function net, failure net are shown. BTW Please take a look at the standard FMEA form with layout „VDA 2019 (AIAG/VDA)“ There you will find the relevant information given that you activate context information of causes and effects (= System element, Function).

    ad 6: Editing in AIAG-VDA form
    Editing is possible. BTW With synchronization you will find the information in e.g. the structure.

    Jürgen Eilers

    Additional information

    ad 1: filter code column in AIAG-VDA form
    Section D Additions – D1 Special Characteristics (page 210) of the FMEA Handbook has some „Filter Code (Optional)“ related content. We will discuss how to proceed. Tracking number is #V7-2956.

    Special thanks to all experts!


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