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    Can you explain the background why Product or Process characteristics can not have requirements in the FMEA. Only Functions.
    And once I convert a certain Function to a Product characteristic I loose the requirement and all the failures, effects, causes, detection actions that were associated with this requirement.

    IQ-RM Version 6.5 – 0090

    Jürgen Eilers

    1st: Up to now we have never had such a requirement. Somebody has to ask for it. Then a decision has to be made if we should integrate this as a feature request or if it should become a project somebody is paying for.

    2nd: There are other documents like process flow diagram (PFD) or control plan (CP). Somebody has to specify how to handle requirements for product and process characteristic in these documents.

    3rd: It is possible to integrate requirements for product and process characteristics with the function net approach. You can link requirement to product and process characteristics. Of course this is a different approach and linked requirements are not visible in the FMEA form at the moment.

    I am not sure if other aspects have to be taken into account and I am looking forward to discuss it further

    BTW We had to integrate requirements because of the AIAG FMEA form (4th edition) but I am not aware if there are similar columns in PFD and CP.


    For example see page 81 in FMEA Reference Manual 4th edition.
    Table IV.2 Example of Process Step/Function/Requirements Columns…

    The process step has some requirements written in the requirements column:
    Four screws
    Specified screws
    Assembly sequence: First screw in right front hole
    Screws fully seated
    Screws torqued to specification

    The Power of IQ-RM is that we can link the PFMEA and the CP.
    To add something to the CP I would convert it to a product characteristic. In this case maybe the „Four screws“ requirement.
    It then jumps from the Requirement column to the Function column and also shows up in the CP. Everything is OK, exept not staying in the requirement cell and it can not be placed back as a requirement in any way.
    And a function called „Four screws“ is also a little „What exactly is meant by it?“

    The PFMEA manual seems to insist having requirements for every process step. But then I have a problem – How to add some of these items to the Control Plan so that everything is linked and looks ok.

    At the moment I have advised my coworkers to not use the requirement column in the FMEA at all. The same approach has bee used by the IQ-RM team in the Process FMEA example „CC 2042 manufacture signal cable“
    I just need an explanation for an auditor if he asks why there is no requirement for the Process step/Function.

    Jürgen Eilers

    We are suggesting a new option which makes requirements visible in CP (and PFD). With this there is no need to integrate requirements as dependent objects to product and process characteristics. Tracking number RP-4238.

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