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    It is possible to generate a special report, related to special characteristics list (only for elements, which have non-empty classification field (C))?:

    Process element, (process/product)characteristic, classification, specification, inspection equipment, size, frequency, control method, reaction plan

    Jürgen Eilers

    The report is basically a Control Plan with some hidden columns and an activated filter „Classification is unequal to unknown“.

    You could e.g. create a print batch job with the necessary settings (= display options / filter) or you modify the settings in the CP-Editor.

    Both approaches have differences regarding easy to use sorting, exporting, highlighting, etc.


    Hello, Jurgen.

    Thanks for feedback. Yes, i have tryed to generate report by filter setting like you described. But after this filter applying some rows with undefined classification present in report:

    Have you any idea, why it is happened?


    Kaylinn Willson

    When I tried to filter as you show, I see the same blank lines. I believe this is due to the structure items not having any product or process characteristics (though I could be wrong). However, if in the filter, you select „equals“ and all three selections available on the „values“ box, it then only showed my line items that had a classification. I believe it works as an „or“ function, so if Key OR Safety OR Quality is a classification, it will show. Hope this helps! APIS SQK Filter

4 Antworten anzeigen - 1 bis 4 (von insgesamt 4)
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