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    Dear APIS team,

    first of all, excuse me for questions in English. I hope it’s fine.

    Second, I’m a beginner with APIS. Till now, I was able to create process FMEA and Control Plan with Flow diagram. To create these documents is now no problem. But… I created them in a time demanding way. This means, all system or process elements, all functions, failures or characteristics were created from beginning. And all needed to be connected in function and failure net.

    What I expected from APIS (and I hope there is this option) was that I could take, for example, some system elements also with function and failures and use them exactly like they are also with connections. Simple copy/paste is working, but the connection in function and failure net is missing. Also S/O/D rating is missing.


    Example – Putting product somewhere:

    1. As the first level I choose a system element „Soldering station“. Its function is „Soldering“. And its failure (potential effect) is „Functional failure“.

    2. Next level is process element. We do need to put product to fixture and machine many times during the production process. This process of „Preparation of product“ would be a process element. Such process element has always same function, „Putting product somewhere“. This function has more or less the same failures (failure modes) all the time (of course, some additional failure can appear sometimes). One of the failure, for example, would be „Damaged parts“.

    3. Next level would be a system element. I choose in this case 4M. So this time it is „Man“. Its function is „To put product somewhere“. The failure (cause) is for example „Wrong insertion direction“.

    4. When I complete all process and product characteristics, linkage in function and failure net, S/O/D rating etc., I can see nice FMEA and Control Plan.


    My questions are:

    Q1: Is the described thinking ok or will I have any troubles in future because of something I don’t know yet…?

    Q2: If I want to use the whole described „block“ again, because the „product putting somewhere“ process appears again, can I somehow overtake everything including the linkage in function and failure net, rating etc.?

    Q3: When I use same failures from already created list, can S/O/D rating automatically appear? Example: for potential cause I choose prevention and detection and O and D. Can all this be overtaken as well (not only the function itself?) when I add this function somewhere?

    Q4: I wrote in the „Example – Putting product somewhere“ that the process element name is „Product preparation“ and the function name is „Putting product somewhere“. I do not see any advantage to name the process element, so can I keep the same name for the process element and the function (e.g. „Putting product somewhere“). The name of process element is never used in FMEA or Control plan…

    Q5: Finally, I’d like to ask about CARM server and modules. Can my previous question be answered by using CARM?


    Thank you for your help



    Jürgen Eilers

    Hi, writing in English is no problem at all.

    Let us fix the simple problem first “missing S/O/D”. Please check if workstation setting has activated “copy S” and “copy O / D”.

    Which version of the IQ-Software are you using? Only then it is possible to explain in detail where you find the information or I could motivate you to use the latest V7.0-0020.

    Now we come to the more problematic print in your use case. You are arguing that the “first level” is soldering station. I am not sure if you see the root element of a structure as a first level or if your first level is in our terminology the second level in a structure with three levels.

    Nevertheless, a drag&drop from a source to a destination of a system element should not only take into account the dependent functions and failures but also the network connections.

    Re-use of functions is done automatically and you will see in brakets e.g. {2} if you are using the identical catalog based function a second time. If you have accidentially two funtions with the identical name you could merge them, e.g. select both of them and via the context menu the merge is possible;. dito for failures.

    Maybe participating in a training class would make sense? But you are welcome to continue the discussion in the forum. I will answer if possible.

    Now the answers to your questions:

    Q1: Explanation of “first level” is necessary (see above)

    Q2: Should be done automatically given that copy S/O/D is activated.

    Q3: Only S can be “reused”; if you link to the same effect this is not necessary. Concept of global failure (specification in catalog) is possible. O/D are not object attributes of the failure cause, but of the action group which collects actions. Only with the additional action information specific O/D can be specified.

    Q4: AIAG had Element/Function in one column (in some revisions), VDA has two separate columns, AIAG-VDA (2019) has separate columns. The methodology descriptions should be taken into account an maybe a methodology training. BTW System element name is part of FMEA and Control plan.

    Q5: No. CARM CSS Module will only give access to a specific work flow support. Use cases without CARM should be understood and implemented first.


    Hello Jürgen,

    thank you for help! I did some additional trials and more or less all work like you wrote.

    Our version is: Version 6.5 – 0180. And yes, we are considering to attend a training. But we’d like to be prepared before that, in order that we don’t ask basic questions like I’m doing now 🙂

    About the root element. In my case, it would be better to have 4 levels. What I described was level 2, 3 and 4. The first level was missing, right? I understand. Anyway, if I add the root element, it will not have any function, correct?

    Copying of S, OD is activated in workstation setting. With copy of whole blocks, it works well now.

    As you’ve mentioned, only S can be reused with failure. So this is my next question: When I want to choose failure, from the already created list, on the third level (cause), I don’t see the OD. Even if I choose the actions (prevention and detection), OD is not visible. Should it be? For example, if I choose that the detection is a tester and I rate this detection, the rating is always the same for all cases when I use the detection by this tester. But I don’t see that the D is visible when I select this detection to another failure (cause) later. Moreover, if I understand well, O is connected to the failure (cause). So why the rating for O can’t be visible for the failure (cause)? So, do I need to specify OD every time for all actions?

    About the methodology, I understand what you say. Element and function are different and can see the names in FMEA. I will study this more.


    Thank you



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