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    If we consider the description of test-to-failure and degradation test. Should test to failure have a lower value as it is even a step beyond degradation testing? (Test to fail seems to be more aggresive than degradation)

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    Quote Mr. Dr. Alexander Schloske:

    „I agree with you, but I orientated my interpretation on the AIAG/VDA-tables, which have another point of view. I think, our problem with the new evaluation tables is, that we want to reduce the values towards D=1. But if we consider the evaluation tables in context with the action priority tables, a detection of D=4 is also with the severity of S=10 a low priority in the green area. We are no more talking about probabilities – instead we are discussing, if we have chosen the right testing strategy.“

2 Antworten anzeigen - 1 bis 2 (von insgesamt 2)
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