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    Inside my organization I received complain to use IQ-RM because valuation catalog in software is different than in AIAG book.
    The difference is that book tell that we should consider severity value for effect on product and effect on process and manufacturing. In software we can find only for process and manufacturing.
    Do you plan any update of this information?

    Best regards

    N. Kröger

    Hello MarcinG,

    within the software IQ-RM 6 you can find three different valuation catalogues according to AIAG 4th Edition (June 2008).

    These are:
    Design FMEA
    Process FMEA
    Product FMEA

    So all you require should be inside.

    Best regards,
    N. Kröger

    Jürgen Eilers


    AIAG 4th edition shows explanations for “Severity of Effect on Product” and “Severity of Effect on Process” (= “Table Cr1 Suggested PFMEA Severity Evaluation Criteria”).

    Integrated in the “Original Normal.FMT” are the valuation catalogues you are looking for, but as separate catalogues (Design = Effect on Product, Process = Effect on Process).

    If I understand it correct your colleagues are complaining about the separation of the catalogues or the not existing visibility of information when you select the severity rating number.

    A fast solution would be to integrate the explanation of “Effect on Product” into the Process catalogue. From the methodological and technical viewpoint I would recommend to integrate a fourth AIAG 4th edition catalogue “Process (& Product) FMEA”.

    A better approach could be using the existing functionality and to integrate a design structure with the real “Effects on product” parallel to the process structure.

    Then it is possible to link the process failure to the product effect (= structure spanning net) and parallel to the process effect. For the calculation the highest severity number will be taken into account. The FMEA form shows both effects with the severity numbers. When selecting the severity number the dedicated catalogue is visible.

    The options seem to be:
    – an additional or extended catalogue
    – work with a structure spanning failure net

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