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    Thanks for your reply. My biggest concern is that the 1st column specified in AIAG 4th edition (Process Step) is not listed in the IQRM form (pg 78). Here, in the 1st column I would like to see the separate operations used to assemble my product. My structure: Root (Top Level) = Air Compressor, 2nd Level = Each Operation used to assemble product (press, torque, test, etc), 3rd Level = the Process Steps within the Operation (Pick parts, load parts, operate machine, remove part). My middle level is connected through functions and failures to both adjacent levels. At the Operation Level (middle) I have a Potential Failure e.g. Low Torque. This should have an Effect on the Customer. My Effects column is blank and it shows up in the Failure column. It seems if I create a FMEA on the middle level it looks correct, but how do I do this for the whole process? I would be happy to send you a file. Thanks for your help.

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