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    For example see page 81 in FMEA Reference Manual 4th edition.
    Table IV.2 Example of Process Step/Function/Requirements Columns…

    The process step has some requirements written in the requirements column:
    Four screws
    Specified screws
    Assembly sequence: First screw in right front hole
    Screws fully seated
    Screws torqued to specification

    The Power of IQ-RM is that we can link the PFMEA and the CP.
    To add something to the CP I would convert it to a product characteristic. In this case maybe the „Four screws“ requirement.
    It then jumps from the Requirement column to the Function column and also shows up in the CP. Everything is OK, exept not staying in the requirement cell and it can not be placed back as a requirement in any way.
    And a function called „Four screws“ is also a little „What exactly is meant by it?“

    The PFMEA manual seems to insist having requirements for every process step. But then I have a problem – How to add some of these items to the Control Plan so that everything is linked and looks ok.

    At the moment I have advised my coworkers to not use the requirement column in the FMEA at all. The same approach has bee used by the IQ-RM team in the Process FMEA example „CC 2042 manufacture signal cable“
    I just need an explanation for an auditor if he asks why there is no requirement for the Process step/Function.

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    What would than be a good idea how to include stations in the structure? Like this?

    Line > Station > Process step > System element for causes

    Because I had the following
    Line > „ST10 Bolt assembly“ > System element for causes

    And the structure in the station:

    (Function) Take bolt and place into hole
    (Product characteristic) Bolt type
    (Product characteristic) Bolt length
    (Function) Do something else now
    (Product character) Length of something

    So kind of a mix between the tasks you have to do in this station as (Function) and also a specific characteristic.
    I kind of understand that you say that I will run into trouble later if I use this method but I don’t see it being any different than having all the tasks as process elements. Can you clarify?

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    Thank you Jürgen.
    I have tried different approaches and am still a bit unsure what the best structure for a Process FMEA is. It is great to hear from an authority.
    Recently I have tried something weird like this:

    Production line > Station > System element
    And so that the individual process steps are actually functions inside the station.
    Everything looks good so far and the FMEA also looks good. Converting some of the process steps to product characteristics will add them to the Control Plan. Then I have to rename the process step a little for it to make sense in the Control plan.
    „Add bolt to hole“ in FMEA becomes „Bolt length“ for example.

    PS! I think there is no correct place in the forums to ask „how to“ questions.

3 Antworten anzeigen - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3)